Akij Textile Mills Ltd

Reputed textile industry in Bangladesh

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Akij Textile Mills Ltd (ATML) is a world class manufacturer of Yarn Dyed Fabrics and Solid Dyed Fabrics in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Akij Textile Mills Limited is a part of Akij Group, one of the biggest enterprises in Bangladesh. Keeping conversant with the Global trends and demands in fabrics & technology, Akij has high quality production facilities to meet the challenging demands of nowadays’ discerning customers. The Company has been in operation since 1998. ATML is an export-oriented yarns manufacturer in Bangladesh. Akij Textile Mills is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and its Factory is situated at Golora in Charkhanda, Manikgonj, Bangladesh. It has production capacity of more than 44 tons per day. The Company uses latest technologies and machineries in all of its process for producing products according to customers’ demand. ATML’s has more than 1600 skilled and trained persons