Asrotex Group

At ASROTEX Group we strive to go far beyond our customers’ expectations, and pride ourselves on making high quality garments at the most competitive prices, allowing our valued customers to expand their growing business. We deliver on time and the satisfaction of our customers is the ultimate goal of our business. We offer knitted garments for all ages. Our full line of knit products includes; t-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, hooded jackets, tank tops, camisoles, pants, shorts, jeggings, track suits, sleepwear, and much more! Click here to see our work

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ASROTEX Group was founded in 1995. We are a privately held family business. At Asrotex Group we specialize in manufacturing all knitted garments. We are one of the leading vertical-integrated knitwear manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. Our activity is highly motivated by our passion for fast fashion and our willingness to meet our clients’ and partners’ requirements each and every time. Our strengths are flexibility, diversity and innovation. Most importantly we recognize and give our full commitment to our customer’s compliance.

Our commitment to business ethics has earned us enormous trust. We are building on this by creating world‐class products and surpassing our customers’ expectations. We do this through leadership in sectors of national economic significance, to which the group brings a unique set of capabilities. Our commitment is to help clients and customers to find their ideal products.