Bitopi Group

Garments Manufacturer

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Misami Group and Bitopi Group have entered the fashion industry, particularly among younger people. It is a company that is constantly self-aware.

Since then, Bitopi Group has expanded outside the apparel manufacturing and advertising industries to include event management and the fishing and agro-industries, employing 14,000 crucial workers.

The U.S. Green Building Council recognized Bitopi Group as LEED Platinum Certified Factories.  

Bangladeshi Green Leed Certified Factory Information:

  • Bangladesh has 79 gold-standard, ten silver-standard, and 34+ platinum-rated green clothing factories.
  • In Bangladesh, more than 500 green factories are awaiting green certification from the US GBC.
  • Construction of green clothing is 30% more expensive than standard clothing.
  • An energy-saving garment industrial unit can save 40%.
  • The price of green initiatives is kept the same for customers.
  • A local clothing retailer spent $3 billion on plant renovations.