Karooni Knit Composite Ltd

Knit Garments Manufacturer

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One of the manufacturers in Bangladesh that is expanding the quickest is Karooni knit composite. It is situated in Dhaka’s Gazipur District. This project covers 304,700 square feet.

It is also referred to ba Bangladeshi garment factory with LEED Platinum certification. On April 14, 2020, Karooni Knit Composite received a LEED Platinum certification. Ninety out of a possible 110 points were earned by it.

A factory with a workable system for supply, manufacturing, service quality, purchasing, R&D, environmental management, and corporate social responsibility is Karooni Knit Composite.

It is an innovative, high-quality garment and textile conglomerate with factories in Bangladesh. This manufacturer strives to meet client wants and expectations while preserving the quality and consistency of their goods and services.

They do this by empowering and inspiring their partners, being transparent in their work processes, and investing continuously in their employees’ skill sets.