KDS Group

"KDS Group is managed by a competent board with over 60 years of experience together in managing wide range of initiatives and operations including international initiatives. The existing Chairman of the Group founded the organisation in 1983 and has steered KDS to rapid growth and diversity. The participating directors of the group having international education and professional experiences have augmented this further to expand the horizon of KDS group. KDS believes in clean and transparent management of operations and breeds a culture of corporate and independent governance by professionals. With the team of professionals in the management and the zealous board, KDS now has the appetite to take on further challenges of growth and diversity to enhance its coverage on industries and potentials and increase its revenues and over all value for the clients, shareholders, employees and associates."

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KDS Group is one of the most renowned businesses and industrial conglomerates of Bangladesh, established in the port city of Chittagong but has now extended operations throughout the world. Having established offices and agencies in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, with plans of expanding into the USA, the group thereby is paving the path into becoming a Bangladeshi-based multinational.

Founded in 1983, through the establishment of one of the first garments industries in Bangladesh, and over the last 28 years, through innovation, dynamism, untiring effort and dedication, the business in terms of assets and revenues have grown exponentially by sometimes over 500% a year. The fields of business have also extended from being just apparel exports to a whole array of other industries. Today the total group can proudly declare over USD 500 million of annual revenues in total with over 25,000 employees, staff and workers.

KDS values human capital and is therefore committed to attracting, grooming and nurturing talent through competitive compensations and benefits packages apart from investing in training of its potential employees under local as well as foreign trainers. KDS has engaged the internationally renowned organizational development consultants “Ernst & Young” to develop upgraded Human Resource Management practices such as appraisal through the Balance Score Card method, talent mapping, etc.

The Group adheres to international compliance requirements closely, and has taken many social initiatives for the betterment of the lives of its workforce, going even beyond foreign requirements.