Denim Manufacturer

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A reputable, legal, sustainable apparel manufacturing business is Kenpark Unit 2. It is situated in one of Chittagong’s two Export Processing Zones.

This project is 180,130 square feet in size. On December 5, 2018, Kenpark unit 2 received LEED platinum certification. It scored 88 out of a possible 110 points.

The corporate social responsibility recommendation of ISO 26000 has now been successfully implemented at Kenpark Unit 2.

Energy costs are down over 30%, a carbon footprint is down over 20%, and water costs are down over 60%, thanks to this factory. 

With its humble beginnings as a seven-production line manufacturer in a rented building, the Company has grown to employ a cadre of over 15600 people. It has evolved into a benchmark garment maker in Bangladesh.