R & T Hard Tag

We ensure quality and commitment.

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We, R & T Marketing Company, are the importer, exporter, and distributor of EAS products. We import most of our products and assemble some varieties of them.

Our core products are Pencil Tag, Circle Tag, Square Tag, Double Device Tag, Slipper Tag, Super Tag, Tag Lock, Loop Pin, AM/RF Soft, Hand Operated Extractor, AM/RF Transceiver, Labels, Lanyard Tag, AM Labels, and detachers.

Our team is rich in professionals in both local and international sales. We are engaged in front line business with India and China. We are dedicated to innovation and creation to stand at the forefront of competition.


Q Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Cash on Delivery from my warehouse (Mohammadpur, Dhaka).
2. At first visit my store, check my products
3. If transport required, then charge applicable.
4. After delivery, if any damage found in our goods, we replace it.