Splashjet Inkjet Ink Pvt. Ltd.


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We offer comprehensive range of specialized inkjet inks such as Digital Textile Pigment Ink, Sublimation Ink, DTG Ink, Compatible Ink for Large format Printer & Plotters, Replacement Inks for Desktop Printers and Inks for various Industrial applications.

With our extensive exposure to inkjet inks and its applications, we have developed critical insights into manufacturing inkjet inks that exceed desired performance.

Right from Colorant Selection, Colorant Purification, Grinding of Colorants into Stable Dispersions, Formulating Inks for different Print-head Technology, ensuring Reliable Nozzle Performance, Fulfilling Diverse Application Requirements to working closely with you to achieve Desired Results; we work with diligence.

Our highly qualified Product Development team and ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.

In house application laboratory validates the product performance attributes to ensure high reliability during actual usage of the inks.

Splashjet inkjet inks deliver a very robust value proposition with combination of Performance and Reliability. Along with inks, we differentiate ourselves with focused business attitude on long lasting associations.