Viyellatex Group

We strive to provide quality services on time, based on best practices for the satisfaction of our Partners & Stakeholders. We foster friendly working environment through open communication and mutual respect. We encourage initiative, innovation and teamwork. Workers welfare and rights is our premier focus. We are committed for cleaner and greener environment. We are driven by our responsibility to the society as a Corporate Body.

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It all started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1996 and since then has evolved into a rapidly growing multi-dimensional conglomerate. Viyellatex Group considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider, starting from sourcing the cotton and going all the way to providing logistical services to its clients.

The company itself is entirely family owned and employs over 300 Management staff and over 15,000 workers. With a vertically integrated setup, the incorporation of advanced technology and a proficient management team, Viyellatex is emerging strongly as one of the most regarded organizations in the country. Looking ahead, Viyellatex is focusing more towards the front end of the chain: the end customer. It has further diversified, expanding its presence towards other ventures such as tea production, agriculture, engineering, power generation and educational services.

Viyellatex has one of the best, dedicated and skilled workforces in the country. These are the people with the best talents, commitments, and expertise with the blend of experience and enthusiasm. They work hard closely with stakeholders and are fully committed to deliver the best results, ensuring their satisfaction underpinned by the Viyellatex Values